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College of Ophthalmology & Allied Vision Sciences

Information Technology Center

Information Technology Center

COAVS IT Department is an effective part of COAVS which is responsible for IT services for the college. It is equipped with high end server; network devices inhighly controlled temperature and dedicated professionals to serve the college with best resources. The department is mainly consisted of a room called server room.
The Services
Following services are being offered by IT Department
IT Network
IT network is based on wireless connectivity through Routers (Cisco 1800 series & Link Sys  Wireless-N Broadband Router Model No.:WRT160N), Switch (24 ports), a patch panel, the above mentioned things are connected through access points Link Sys N-series 300mbps (12 points to give full coverage in all the rooms of college). The whole network is based on Server machine and more than 60 clients (PCs)
Email Addresses

IT Department is providing and regulating mailing services for all staff members, faculty members and students of COAVS through state of the art mailing system.

 Internet Connectivity

IT Department is responsible for the provision and smooth operation of internet services at all Computer Machines installed in COAVS as well as the Notebooks, which are interconnected through Wireless Access Points. Internet is based on PTCL DSL with bandwidth of 4Mbps.

Video Conferencing

IT Department is in charge for the stipulation and soft operation of Video Conference facility in order to teach students by foreign faculty sit abroad (UK, Germany). To fulfill this, a huge amount is expensed out on the latest equipment used.

 Department Web Space
COAVS IT Dept. is also providing web space for department’s website. Using this facility any department can host their website at the College servers, which can be accessed anywhere from the world through internet.
Data Sharing

IT Department is providing and regulating the facility of sharing data through the out class IT system.

Data Backup

IT Department is providing the facility of Data Backup, through the dual storage of data on different sources.

Data Security

All the data saved on Backup is totally secured by IT dept. to ensure the secrecy of data.

 Data Recovery

Miss placed or even deleted data is recovered through the modern softwares & technical support of IT staff.

Computer Lab
A modern computer lab is very effective part of COAVS, fully equipped with machines (PCs) connected with IT network with powerful wireless card (D-link, Link Sys N-Series) each for single machine. Almost 20 computer machine are installed for better experiences and great knowledge delivered to the students. The lab is mainly used for the research purpose by all the students as well as by faculty to get more refined knowledge of their field.
The college is going in a great way to modernize the new infrastructure of the computer center.
The Team
Mr. Shahid Maqbool
M.Sc.(Computer Sciences), MCSE, CCNA.
IT Manager
Phone: +92-42-37355998
Fax +92-42-37248006
Mr. Sajjad Ali Awan
Computer Section Head
Phone: +92-42-37355998
Fax +92-42-37248006