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Research Cell

Almostall the research activities at COAVS are conducted or directed through the research cell which is well equipped with the latest tools to do it by international standards. The research cell was established in 2008 at the special instruction of the Prof. Dr. Asad Aslam Khan Principal/Director general COAVS. The Cell was inaugurated by Dr. Ram Chandra Pararajasegaram, WHO Consultant and a person of great international stature in the field of ophthalmic research. Research cell has established a very useful library having more than 250 reference books   covering the ophthalmic field mostly. In addition to this there are books related to epidemiology, basic ophthalmic research methodology and ophthalmic surgery. The students and staff at the COAVS have the privilege to use the research cell library. Research cell has got internet facilities to search out the national and international databases. For the information regarding latest additions in the field of the ophthalmology research cell has got the subscriptions of the many  national and international ophthalmic and optometry journals.


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