Information Technology Center

The COAVS IT Office is an integral component of COAVS, delivering essential IT services for the College of Ophthalmology & Allied Vision Sciences, Mayo Hospital Lahore. It operates with 22/7 live server, network devices, telephone exchange, CCTV Security systems and storages devices. These are supported by alternative electricity sources, ensuring uninterrupted functionality in a controlled temperature environment. The office is staffed with dedicated professionals committed to providing the college with optimal IT resources and support.


The IT Office is committed to providing a range of facilities for online visitors, students, teaching and departmental staff. To achieve this goal, the IT Office has established 24/7 live website, i.e. This website serve as comprehensive platforms, providing a multitude of features such as admission process, class lectures and notes, their internal assessment results, information about the college’s teaching, clinical and outreach staff, and also about the various departments working under or jointly with the College of Ophthalmology & Allied Vision Sciences, Mayo Hospital Lahore. This platform also provides the information to visitors related to teaching, clinical and outreach activities with quarterly published newsletters on website.

The IT Office hosts the online form; for the COAVS’ Research Journal “Ophthalmology Pakistan”. Research Journal is based on well-renown Software that is Open Journal System (OJS) for management of peer-reviewed academic journals released under the GNU General Public License.


IT Office is providing and regulating mailing services for all staff members, faculty members and students of COAVS through state of the art mailing system.


IT network is based on wireless connectivity through internet Gigabit access-points and routers and via LAN Network. Network high-tech switches and patch panels. This equipment are connected and configured with High-Tech server. The whole network is based on High-tech server and more than 60 clients (PCs) at the College of Ophthalmology & Allied Vision Sciences.


IT Office is facilitates stipulation and soft operation of Video Conference facility in order to conduct webinar, zoom conferences and to teach students by foreign faculty.


The computer lab is very effective part of COAVS, fully equipped with desktop computers connected with internet connectivity. Almost 20-computer are installed and mainly used for the academic and research purposes by students, faculty and researchers to get more refined knowledge of their field.


The IT office at the college playing vital roles in supporting hardware and software to the officials, students & researchers and faculty members with upkeep of CPU, Printers and internet network. Additionally, the IT Office proficient in installing and configuring operating systems like Windows, along with other necessary software applications. This proactive approach to technical support not only addresses issues promptly but also contributes to a seamless and efficient computing environment for the entire college community.