The Ocular Microbiology Laboratory at College of Ophthalmology & Allied Vision Sciences (COAVS) is the well-equipped laboratory which is dedicated to the investigation, epidemiology, pathogenesis and in vitro susceptibility profiles of ocular pathogens to improve ocular patient outcomes.

The main goals of the Ocular Microbiology Laboratory at the COAVS are:

  • To provide expertise on the emergence, detection and recovery of ocular infections.
  • To determine and correlate the in vitro efficacy of ocular antimicrobial therapy with patient outcomes.
  • To offer diagnostic and research support for faculty, fellows and residents in pursue of state-of-the-art discovery and management of ocular infectious diseases.
  • To monitor the infection control practices of the hospital to maintain high standards of patient care.

This department also acts as main teaching and training hub for the students of Ophthalmic Technology.

Facilities for the following tests are available here:

  1. Staining for microbial identification
  2. Microbial culture & sensitivity testing
  3. Screening for viral markers e. HBsAg and HCV
  4. Bleeding time & Clotting time
  5. Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  6. Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR)
  7. Fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC)

Staff members working in the Laboratory;

1. Sana Aslam (Ocular Microbiologist)

Incharge, Ocular Microbilogy Lab.

2. Shahbaz Ahmad (Lab Technician)