Orthoptics Clinics

Orthoptics is a discipline in eye healthcare specializing in the assessment, diagnosis and non- surgical management of variety of eye disorders like disorder of binocular single vision, blurred vision, double vision, strabismus, amblyopia, myopia control, nystagmus and eye movement disorders associated with neurological disorders. The person who practices orthoptics is called Orthoptist. Orthoptists are expert in assessing children’s vision, quantification of visual functions and diagnosing underlying conditions in patients of all ages. They work as part of multidisciplinary team in Ophthalmology & also in Neurology in conditions like stroke, traumatic brain injuries, and other neurological disorders. They manage the patients by prescribing spectacles, prisms, patching, orthoptic exercises and vision therapy.

Orthoptics Team:

  • Team Lead: Ms. Ayesha Sarfraz; Orthoptist, MPhil Orthoptics (KEMU), Fellowship In Orthoptics (Canada), BSVS (Orthoptics) (KEMU), International Orthoptic Association (IOA) Representative for Pakistan
  • Syeda Rushda Zaidi; Orthoptist, MPhil Orthoptics (KEMU), BSVS (Orthoptics) (KEMU)
  • Tayyaba Burhan; Orthoptist, BSVS (Orthoptics) (KEMU)
  • The clinic also provides teaching and training platform for M Phil and BSc Vision Science students.


Orthoptic Clinic was first established in 2009 in the out-patient department of Institute of Ophthalmology Mayo Hospital Lahore. Now we have 2 Orthoptic clinics. These clinics are one of the leading orthoptic services providers in the public sector and serve as the clinical teaching facility for undergraduate and postgraduate students of COAVS and Institute of Ophthalmology.

Working Hours: Orthoptic Clinics work 6 days a week from 8am- 2pm.

Orthoptic Clinic provides services or care to patients of all ages by evaluation, diagnosis and non- surgical management of various problems including strabismus, amblyopia, refractive errors, blurred vision, double vision, eye movement disorders through various range of tests and examinations like Complete Orthoptic Assessment, Hess & Lee Screen, Synoptophore, Visual Function Tests (VA, CV, CS, VF), Binocular Vision Testing (convergence, accommodation, Fusion, Stereopsis),  visual development problems and many others.

Equipments we have:

  • Torch
  • Loose Prisms
  • Prism Bars
  • Ophthalmoscope
  • Retinoscope
  • Translucent Occluder
  • Synoptophore
  • OKN Drum
  • Hess/ Lee screen
  • Stereopsis tests (Frisby, TNO, Titmus, Lang)
  • Contrast sensitivity Tests (Pelli- Robson, Lea Numbers, Hiding Heidi)
  • Fusion Tests (Worth Four Dot, Bagolini Striated Glasses)
  • Stereograms
  • RAF Ruler
  • Maddox Rod with Risley Prisms
  • Neutral density filters bar
  • Trial box
  • Trial frame
  • Several Accessories