Information, education and communication (IEC) Cell was established at College of Ophthalmology and Allied Vision Sciences on 30th May, 2010. IEC Cell amalgamates health care interventions, strategies and modes that facilitate individuals, families, line departments and organizations to play progressive role for the prevention of blindness and enlighten them with healthy eye sight. This cell works to promote the effective community participation in the implementation of eye care programmes, particularly relevant in the reduction of preventable blinding conditions such as trachoma, cataract & amblyopia.

IEC Cell’s Role

  • Raising awareness and cognizance of masses on eye health promotion
  • Developing and disseminating health education material in the province
  • Imparting trainings to Lady Health Workers on prevention & control of blindness
  • Bridging the gap between health workers and patients
  • Highlighting success stories within the country
  • Organizing lectures on eye health, eye safety at work place & prevention of eye injuries in community
  • Facilitate the public to get information on eyecare services and treatment of eye diseases
  • Sketching press releases of events at College
  • Advocacy, module design & capacity building on cross-cutting themes including gender sensitive program planning, disability inclusion and child safeguarding to ensure Universal Health Coverage in eyecare
  • Working with department of public eye health in developing & designing community eyecare projects and programs & support their awareness activities
  • Urging line departments to provide supportive environment i.e. Nutrition programs (Vitamin A supplementation) and accessibility to sanitation and safe drinkable water
  • Establishing and maintaining information desk at the reception of COAVS


Public Health Educationist.