Research Developments

The College of Ophthalmology and Allied Vision Sciences (COAVS) Mayo hospital Lahore is an education-intensive   institute of national distinction, established in 2004 with the combined efforts of Ministry of Health, Government of Punjab, King Edward Medical University and Mayo hospital Lahore. Its provincial capital location and its special mission for contributing to nation building and advancing Pakistan’s place in the world regarding blindness control and prevention has earned it a national reputation.   COAVS has evolved into a research and teaching institution, with national hubs and international networks of scholarly activity and outreach services. It has played no small part in the transformation of blindness prevention education over the past decade. College of Ophthalmology and Allied Vision Sciences (COAVS) has proudly celebrated its ten years over its effort to control and prevent blindness on 5th April 2009. The College of Ophthalmology and Allied Vision Sciences (COAVS) is committed to working with the public and private sectors to produce benefit through knowledge transfer.

Aims and Objectives
Our aim is to provide outcome related research and consultancy services that address real world issues in line with vision 2020 and millennium development goals. We aim to make a difference to the economic, social, environmental and cultural well-being of the communities relating to their ophthalmic disease control and prevention.
We focus on applied research that is delivered in partnership with leading organizations and individuals who are capable of using research outcomes to create products and services that are leading edge. Our research students are fully supported to ensure they are equipped with the necessary skills to excel in their chosen professional careers.
The passion, energy and intellect of our researchers is used to create positive outcomes for the world we live in. Our success is demonstrated by the diversity of our research projects, the success of our students and the benefits to our partners.
 The strong research culture offers Undergraduate Students a distinctive education experience, with exposure to programs that draw their content from cutting-edge, curiosity driven research. Our Postgraduate Students   form an important and integral part of the research fabric at COAVS, contributing to our intellectual and creative capacity.

Research Cell
Almostall the research activities at COAVS are conducted or directed through the research cell which is well equipped with the latest tools to do it by international standards. The research cell was established in 2008 at the special instruction of the Prof. Dr. Asad Aslam Khan Principal/Director general COAVS. The Cell was inaugurated by Dr. Ram Chandra Pararajasegaram, WHO Consultant and a person of great international stature in the field of ophthalmic research. Research cell has established a very useful library having more than 250 reference books   covering the ophthalmic field mostly. In addition to this there are books related to epidemiology, basic ophthalmic research methodology and ophthalmic surgery. The students and staff at the COAVS have the privilege to use the research cell library. Research cell has got internet facilities to search out the national and international databases. For the information regarding latest additions in the field of the ophthalmology research cell has got the subscriptions of the many  national and international ophthalmic and optometry journals.

At present the research cell is working mainly in collaboration with Ministry of Health government of Punjab which is also responsible for its funding and monitoring.

Projects / Surveys
 Research cell is currently looking after following projects/ surveys
  1. Survey to Estimate Magnitude of Vision Impairment and Eye Diseases in Children in Punjab
  2. Trachoma Control Program in Punjab
  3. Effect of Blindness over  Economy in Pakistan

Yearly reports over the progress of blindness control and prevention  in the Punjab are released by the research  cell with special effort of Dr. Imran Ahmad Director Research, Coordination and administration  COAVS. Up till now for the year  2006 and 2007 reports having  been successfully published and the work on 2008 report is in progress.

Dr. Imran Ahmad 
Director Research, Coordination and administration
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Dr. Muhammad Imran ul Haq
Research officer
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Ms. Qurra-tul-ain
MSc. Biostatics
Computer operator
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