The College of Ophthalmology & Allied Vision Sciences (COAVS), King Edward Medical University / Mayo Hospital, Lahore, Pakistan, is one of the most leading institutions imparting ophthalmic education in Pakistan. COAVS making it modest start in a singe room in May 1999, was established as Punjab Institute of Preventive Ophthalmology (PIPO) in 2004 in the present building. It was raised to the status of College of Ophthalmology and Allied Vision Sciences (COAVS) in 2007.

The College is working for eradication of blindness in the country through Human Resource Development in Ophthalmology by training Doctors, Nurses, Optometrists, Allied Eye Care Professionals and Primary Health Care Workers. We spearhead the District Eye Care Programme, Disease Control Projects and public awareness campaigns.

Now we have collected enormous data regarding vision impairments and outcome of effective strategies and we are working on different research projects. Our dedicated team is working on support the sister institutions in providing logistics, equipment and human resources all over the province.


Based on the tremendous success & achievements of Punjab Institute of Preventive Ophthalmology (PIPO) & with a view to start postgraduate & subspecialty courses in Ophthalmology & Vision Sciences, PIPO was elevated to College of Ophthalmology & Allied Vision Sciences (COAVS) in 2007.

The basic aims and objectives, however, have not changed. Rather the scope of functioning of the college has broadened with the starting of new courses & launching of new projects.

The college which was started with a capital cost of Rs. 54.50 million at the inception is now being managed with a total budget of more than Rs. 36 million. In addition new initiatives have been started which include Provincial Programme for Prevention & Control of Blindness & Childhood Blindness survey, with an additional allocation of Rs. 14 million & Rs 20 million respectively.

Major partners of the college are INGOs e.g. Sightsavers International UK, Aus- Aid, Irish Aid, Fred Hollows Foundation Australia & Christoffelblinden Mission (CBM) Germany/ CHEF International. In addition Government of Pakistan, Punjab, WHO, corporate partners like Standard Chartered Bank and individual Philanthropists have also contributed.